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Smart Messenger Email Marketing

If you want to begin email marketing, or you’ve already had success and want to go further, finding the right platform is critical. Many people turn to Mailchimp, the email marketing juggernaut with a mindboggling advertising budget. However, there are some excellent alternatives to Mailchimp out there – including Smart Messenger. Why should you choose Smart Messenger over Mailchimp? It’s all about the personal touch.


When we speak to people about big email marketing platforms, one of the common complaints they have is that if they get stuck, they can’t quickly get help. Even the most digital-savvy amongst us might come up against an issue using a new piece of software and need some guidance. Many of us don’t want to search on a help forum or type out our query in a chatbox, just to get an automated response. Instead, we want to speak to an expert.


One of the reasons Smart Messenger is an excellent alternative to Mailchimp is that you get a dedicated account manager when you sign up. If you are working on an email campaign and come up against a problem, you can call our Smart Messenger team, and we’ll help you through it. Mailchimp is so big that they can’t offer that personal touch, but we know it makes all the difference when you are trying to get things right. Our team are all based in Norwich under one roof, and there’s no call waiting system. When you ring, we pick up ready to help you.


When you are trying to craft email marketing campaigns that will truly engage and excite your potential customers, expert help is invaluable. Being UK-based and able to offer phone support and advice at any time, we’re able to get to know our customers, their businesses and help them meet their goals. Over the years, Smart Messenger has been chosen as the Mailchimp alternative by plenty of our customers and we’ve seen what works well for different types of businesses. It’s great to be able to share those insights and use our knowledge to help our customers and their businesses succeed.


If you’d like to learn more about Email Marketing, please call one of our friendly team on 01603 858250.





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