Making Short Term Loans Last the Long-haul

Daniel Tannenbaum, Tudor Lodge Consultants

Tudor Lodge Consultants are delighted to be working with short term loans provider, True Blue Loan. The company offers an unsecured loan product of up to £500 repaid over 6 months which customers typically use for emergency purposes such as medical bills, home improvements, car repairs and more. We have been working with the local company for 3 months, focusing on their user experience, content and search engine optimisation for their main website.  

The Brief

The website ( had a very old-fashioned approach to search engine optimisation which was implemented by a company overseas. True Blue Loan’s brief was to improve their search rankings on Google by overhauling their content strategy, fixing errors on their site and ensuring that customers can find them online before their competitors.

Search Engine Optimisation

We noticed that there were hundreds of pages created that were targeting very similar keywords. The purpose of this is to rank for different keyword variations e.g lenders in the UK, online, direct lenders, not brokers, flexible etc. To make a better user and SEO experience, we redirected several of these pages into more specific landing pages. This means that we could focus on optimising just a few pages and avoid any pages conflicting (showing up twice on Google) and users being confused by such similar content.

We reviewed all the meta data and descriptions on the website to ensure that they were not duplicate, perfectly unique and relevant to their proposition and keywords. This was optimised further with matching headings and making sure that there was only one h1 heading on each page.

Over time, the site had developed several crawl errors and links which expired or were no longer in use. We used our specific SEO tools to remove all the broken errors and pages, ensuring a much faster site speed and better user experience (because they weren't taken to error pages).

Next Steps

Our next steps to further the user experience include creating specialised videos about the loans offered by True Blue Loan which will compliment the user experience and SEO. We also plan to create more useful guides on personal finance, online loans and consumer credit to educate the market and allow TBL to become a 'true' resource for financial services in the UK.

We have recently reached page 2 of Google for their target keyword 'short term loans' and look forward to reaching that elusive page 1 by the end of the year.

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