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Alex Cosham, Image Display & Graphics

The answer we were all waiting for? Raspberry Ripple.

Maybe it was the tempting twist of colour, perhaps the combination of flavours, we’re not sure…but the number one flavour of Norfolk B2B 2018 was indeed, raspberry ripple. Visitors ate up our quirky take on the flavours of Image Display and Graphics. Creative design, events, project management and exhibition build all featured on the menu as we used a vibrant custom light-box, floor graphics and bespoke counter to serve up our key services. That’s not all that exhibitors and visitors had a taste for, with a definitive air of creativity & diversity across the event. Attracting over 100 exhibitors, with opportunities to network, learn new skills and forge meaningful connections, Norfolk B2B serves as a great introduction to the benefits of live events.

Speaking with Mark Shields of the EDP, we highlighted the impressive creativity on show, with Iain Cosham, managing director of Image Display & Graphics sharing that ‘this year we’ve helped more people to be a bit more interactive – just because it’s a B2B event doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and entertaining’. Attending the B2B exhibition since the early 1990s, we have certainly seen an evolution in how businesses approach their events, even on a more intimate scale. From VR to themed putting greens, more businesses are considering how to create an experience that immerses visitors and position that all-important ‘interesting angle’ that sets them apart from the crowd.

It’s exciting to see the local business community buying into the value of events, beginning to cultivate their own strategies, experiences and aspirations. Nova Fairbank, public affairs manager at the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce also spoke with Mark Shields of the EDP. Sharing a wider theme shared across events success stories like Norfolk B2B, Ms Fairbank said the next event will be ‘even bigger and better’. Exhibitions and live events continue to grow as one of the most successful marketing platforms in the world, with local iterations like Norfolk B2B the ideal entrée. If you and your business have developed a taste for events there is a whole buffet of opportunities out there, you just need to let us know – what’s your flavour?

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