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Did you know that LinkedIn is planning to make your public profile more visible?  Have you noticed the way everything on LinkedIn has changed recently?

I spent the recent bank holiday and subsequent weekends updating my book - LinkedIn Success Strategies. This book was first published in 2013 and achieved #1 in Amazon UK Sales and Marketing, with 5* reviews.

I have updated it regularly since then, but so much has changed, it was like writing a new book this time around. I probably made things a lot harder for myself as I decided to update both my Twitter books at the same time. It's a great feeling to have everything up to date, but it did seem a never-ending task.

LinkedIn Success Strategies is available in paperback and on Kindle. You don't need a kindle to read it - you can download a free app on your tablet, or contact me for the pdf.

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I am also running two Social Media Hub sessions next week, one in Norwich and one in Hethersett. We will be looking at your profile and how to make a good  "First Impression" on social media, then we will go through the main LinkedIn changes.  

Here are the details:

If you ever have any questions about LinkedIn, Twitter or any social media platform do get in touch. I love helping people and can often save you time. We come across lots of question when we run training, so will often know the answer. Email me

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