'Pokemon Go' brings AR to the masses!

Nick, Red Shed Media


Love it or hate it, 'Pokemon Go' is everywhere! Walking around the streets of London will instantly prove this as you'll see droves of people with their phones in hand scouring the streets in search of small animated monsters and then you start to realise just how successful this game really is.

And believe it or not, this latest craze is helping us event tech enthusiasts out massively! A lot has been published in the press and media regarding Augmented Reality (AR) but not many us have had the opportunity to experience it hands on.

Overlaying a digital world on to real world scenarios is a perfect way for exhibiting companies to allow their audience to see and engage with their latest products. In some cases, it may not be possible to move large mechanical products into a venue so why not utilise the digital world instead and create a custom application to reveal these hidden gems?

To know now that future delegates (and clients) are getting to grips with this technology in their own time is an exciting prospect! Many companies are afraid to step in to the 'unknown' and will often shy away from such tech, but to see so many people embracing this AR craze is just great to see.

We are only just seeing the beginning of AR and this technology will soon be a key element to businesses globally in the years to come. With the likes of Google and Facebook investing heavily into the research and development of AR, things are set to take off in a big way!

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