QR Codes –colour versus black and white

Geraldine Jozefiak Think Mobile Media

Developing a range of channels that encourage, value and reward engagement will pay dividends for your business.

Sending customers to a location based QR code has many rewards.
You have the power to alert them to their favourite range of products, gear your messaging to their particular preferences, or give them an immediate offer to whet their appetite!

Remember - your consumer is already highly distracted when they’re on their mobile.  You are not the centre of their world, so any graphics you use need to have high impact to get their attention.

If you’re thinking of a QR code for your promotions, go one step further and opt for a custom, colour one. Why?

Many people are sceptical about scanning black and white codes as they come with no branding and there’s rarely any indication from the retailer of the destination, prior to scan.

A custom colour one brands you beautifully.  You can change the destination when you choose, and so change your mind on how you use it.

You’ve a great advantage here over black and white as the colour is already associated with your brand and designing a QR code around your logo really cements the idea of your brand and QR code as one integral marketing message.

Your thoughtfulness won’t be lost on your prospective customer.  They’ll be more inclined to scan as they know they’re going somewhere you recommend – and as they already trust you as a source of permission marketing, your custom colour QR will have greater results.

QR Codes will be out and about this summer during the GoGoGorillas trail.  You’ll see black and white ones unlocking codes within the trail app and a few custom colour ones – destination sponsor’s web pages.

Which ones have the higher returns? That depends on their purpose and placement.

Look out for them and consider how you could use them in your marketing.

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