QR codes might just be the secret marketing code you are looking for!!

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These quirky little patterned squares, seemed to be found on everything these days from tubes of toothpaste to the pages of glossy magazines.

On some products these little black and white pieces of modern art seem almost microscopic and yet with the right tools can unveil a powerful marketing secret. With the right app  installed on your mobile device you can scan these little patterns known as QR codes and you will then be transported to another destination on the Internet. This destination might be a website but one of the best uses of QR codes is to direct people to a video.

These QR codes act like a portal and transport the viewer to video that can perform a myriad of uses for you the marketeer or business owner. That video can be a promotional, profiling video or it can be a how-to… Or explanation video. Whatever you need to explain, show or described to your customers the simple QR code can transport your potential customers to exactly the destination where you provide that vital information.

And the great news is the technology used to scanning the QR code, a simple app, is absolutely free! You can down load the app from the app store to your smart phone.

We recently made a video for a very interesting farm shop. What's interesting about this business is they not only provide excellent produce where the Providence can be traced back to local farmers and producers, this farm shop actually produces their own high quality popcorn.

The brief for the video was to create a film showing all aspects of the business. this included the shop, the produce and of course their unique product the popcorn.

The way we made the video was so that the popcorn section could be taken out of the full video and made into a separate stand-alone film, just about popcorn production. The purpose of doing this was so that the QR code could be created, printed onto popcorn grab bags and other point of sale materials. When the QR code is scanned the customer is taken to video showing how the popcorn is made. In this case the client wanted a very short 45 second piece with a little bit of humour built into it, which gave the product, popcorn, a sense of fun and enjoyment.

So it's worth considering what aspect of your business would you like your customers or should I say soon-to-be customers to be experiencing. Whether it be a unique line, a manufacturing process, or a brief description of the company's ethos from the business owner. A video can be made and the QR code can be created.  This can then be printed on any written remote merchandise or packaging and then no matter where that material ends up once the QR code is scanned the viewer is taken directly to the video where they can see exactly what you want them to see.

So please just take a look around and see how many up examples of QR codes there are on everyday goods. These are links usually to videos where people can experience specifically whatever the business wants them to experience.

For more information about  creating your own business video and QR codes for specific businesses, please contact Michael at About My Business Video Company and we'll see what we can create together.

Michael Brook

michael@ambv.co.uk www.ambv.co.uk

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