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Daniel Tannenbaum

Tudor Lodge Consultants is happy to announce that we are doing SEO for a new tea start-up called Nutra Tea. Based in Hemel Hempstead near London, the company are experts in nutritious but finely crafted herbal teas, which have been formulated in order to provide a number of health benefits without compromising on quality or flavour.

The ingredients have been selected and sourced from over 20 countries in order to provide the finest quality tea. Each tea in the range is made up of 100% raw ingredients with zero additives - compared to regular teas which may only include a small percentage of ginger or mint, but are loaded with our flavours and sweeteners to improve flavour.

Job specification

Our role as SEO professionals is to help maximise visibility on search engines such as Google and Bing and ultimately lead to sales.

We created a long list of keywords to target such as ginger tea, herbal tea, mint tea etc, but appreciate the high competition from other retailers and top supermarket brands.

Therefore, we compiled a long list of long tail keywords to be more specific and target the uses of the products including 'tea of anxiety,' 'tea for stress' and 'tea to boost energy' which we have curated through a number of effective guides and landing pages.

Our SEO approach for Nutra Tea

Links: our team understands the importance of having strong links in order to improve a firm’s Google ranking. Consequently, we have focused on ensuring that Nutra Tea has reputable links with a number of trustworthy websites. Not only does this make it easier for Google to crawl the site, but it also improves the startup’s SEO ranking as well.

Content writing: We have also been writing content for Nutra Tea to help solidify its reputation in the health sector as well as to a larger audience base overall. We have shared this content to be featured on a variety of websites in the field to help improve the company’s rankings.

Technical SEO: In addition we have ensured that content has been carefully structured, so that it adheres to  our SEO guidelines. This includes things such as making sure to use relevant topic titles, H2 headings as well as internal links on any article we write for Nutra Tea.

In month one, you can only really expect to rank for your brand name and maybe the odd long-term keyword. However, as the weeks progress and we reach the 3, 6 and 12 month stage, we expect the brand to start pushing to page 1 for some larger terms and generating quality sales.



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