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In just a few years, gaming has gone through a massive, unpredictable revolution. This has left gamers with numerous options at hand when they want to enjoy their favourite pastime. In addition to a sea full of games and other perks, gaming enthusiasts can now choose the ideal destination to have fun or try their luck at winning some cash. They have the option of walking into a real casino or staying put and exploring the games they love online. This brings us to the huge debate on online vs. real casinos in the UK. Below we will highlight some of the differences these two options have.

Play Time

Online casinos have made it possible for gamblers to play the games they want anytime at any place. This is because all a person needs is an internet connection to play online. Additionally, a majority of online casinos are optimised for mobile play, permitting round-the-clock play regardless of the amount of time you have to spare. This is not true for brick and mortar casinos because you have to look for a casino nearby and probably dress up to game. This implies that you need to spend a lot of time and be ready to spend some cash in traditional gaming destinations.

Pomp and Glamour

This is one of the areas real casinos in the UK continue to score major points. There is an exciting appeal that the traditional gaming houses offer thanks to flashing lights, insistent gaming sounds, gorgeous architecture, glamorous layout, etc. Top land-based casinos have enticing gaming halls that draw players in so that they just want to jump into action. Most of these gaming clubs will also offer food, drinks and other forms of entertainment to ensure that you are as happy and comfortable as possible when gambling. 

Online casinos have not yet reached these levels. However, a majority of casino operators work on their sites to present them in such a way that gamblers will want to spend loads of time on the site without logging out.


Premium online and brick and mortar casinos take security very seriously to protect gamers and the establishments as well from fraudulent activities. When it comes to the land-based UK casinos, security measures are put in place from the second you enter the house. Cameras capture the faces of the revellers and countercheck with the ones on their database so that they can pick the ones who are no longer welcome for one reason or another. The casinos also embed their lobbies with RFID (radio frequency identification device) so that people do not steal them. Playing cards also have a unique identification.

Online casinos are not left behind when it comes to ensuring players feel safe on their sites. They employ various security measures like:

  • High-end encryption- this secures passwords so that other people do not access your account.

  • Regulating authorities- the best internet casinos are under licensing authorities and gambling commissions. These ensure that they operate legitimately, following all the rules and regulations.

  • Advanced software and hardware systems- they allow players to place bets in peace, knowing that their bank transactions are secure. An example is SSL that many use for data encryption to keep money safe.

  • Random Number Generator- online casinos use it to make certain the games on their websites are free and fair.


Another area that real casinos thrive is that they pay winnings instantly. When you are gambling in such a casino, you will instantly walk away with your winnings. This is not something that online casinos have mastered due to different payment methods and processing times. In some instances, it may take days for your winnings to reflect in your bank account. Although this may not be a major inconvenience, it is one of the areas that brick and mortar casinos score better than the online ones.


Bonuses and Promotions

hanks to the competition of the online casinos, they are always trying to score new players and keep existing ones by offering a myriad of generous promotions and bonuses. Signing up at an internet casino can earn you rewards like:

  • Free spins;

  • No deposit bonuses;

  • Match bonuses;

  • Sign-up/welcome bonuses;

  • Reload bonuses;

  • Refer- a-friend bonuses;

  • VIP promotions; 

  • Loyalty programmes, etc.

It is not to say that land-based casinos do not have a variety of promotions for their clients. Most of them, however, are not as lucrative as the ones from online gaming operators.

Social Interactions

Land-based casinos are a great gaming destination for social butterflies. They give gamers a chance to meet other people who have similar interests. This is where you can end up meeting friends for life as you have a good time gambling. Some people are even lucky enough to meet their spouses there. 

While online casinos, do not offer high levels of social interaction, they feature live games that allow gamers to interact with human croupiers and other players from the comforts of their home, office, or while travelling. Virtual reality is also bound to offer a more realistic gaming experience to online players. This will let you feel like you are in Macau or Vegas right in your house.

Wagering Limits

Most gamers will admit that going to land-based casinos can be a costly affair. Online casinos in the United Kingdom come in to solve this problem by offering a huge range of betting limits for all types of players. In low deposit casinos, you do not need a huge betting budget. An example is £3 minimum deposit casino UK - a great option for players who are not keen on spending large amounts of cash.

Legislative Restrictions

Age is one of the restrictions that both online and land casinos stipulate as a restriction. A majority will only allow members who are above the age of 18 with some raising it to 21 and above. 

Online gambling operators are stricter when it comes to restrictive rules. To operate in certain jurisdictions, you will find that an online gambling platform must get a licence from the right governing body. For instance, UK residents can only play in the casinos licensed by the UKGC. In contrast, most brick and mortar casinos will allow visitors from other countries without too many complications.

Closing Thoughts

Both online and real UK casinos have their distinct features offering players a fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Although land-based casinos seem to be losing their popularity, there are still some gamers who prefer to go out to establishments when they have an urge to gamble. 

Going by recent developments, the two types of casinos will continue to strive for sovereignty and excellence in the gaming world. It all boils down to preference when it comes to individual players. Comparing what the two branches of a gaming business have to offer will give you a better idea on the one to choose, depending on what you prefer. 

Worth noting is that brick and mortar gambling houses majorly charm old-school gamblers who love an authentic gambling ambience/environment. Online casinos, on the other hand, favour gamblers who prefer a more “home-like” gaming to what the traditional brick and mortar casinos offer.

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