S1:E1 Native Origin Displacers - Loui Blake

Loui Blake is the founder of Erpingham House, Kalifornia Kitchen and Future Football Elite.
  • Image of Loui Blake - a pioneering Norwich-based entrepreneur.
James Bussey

The Displacers mini-series comprises of video interviews with inspiring thought leaders and company directors. These leaders are pioneering revolutions in their industries and are evolving the way in which we all do business.

The focus of this project is people that move industry forwards. People that push boundaries and help us all perform better as a result. They are running companies that exist beyond county lines. Based here, but operating nationally and internationally. These frank, and often personal discussions, strip back the company and reveal the individual.

Episode 1 features Loui Blake, Director of Erpingham House, Kalifornia Kitchen and Future Football Elite.

Loui is a pioneering entrepreneur. He is sparking a revolution in vegan and plant-based food, undertaking exceptional feats of physical endurance for fun and developing his own personal brand as a thought leader in sustainable living.

His belief is inspiring, his motivation drives him and his passion guides him. Watch the video to find out precisely why he does what he does.

View additional episodes at www.nativeorigin.co.uk/displacers

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