Sales - Is it a dirty word?


It’s a strange thing that although everyone wants to get a great deal, save money and time – they don’t want to be sold to! 

It’s ironic that there are lots of university degrees in Marketing & Advertising – but none in Sales! When in actual fact every business needs to sell their products and services to survive! 

Companies with great products and services to offer find it extremely difficult to get their sales team in front of new prospects. There is a huge resistance to allow someone in to explain what is available. We are scared of being manipulated and don’t want to have to say NO.

There seems to be a problem, or a gap that acts as a barrier to “getting your foot in the door” – or getting the opportunity to convert a Prospect into a Customer.

People are alike – we don’t really seek change and don’t want to be told what to do!

When making an approach to gain the chance to present your product or service, the prospect MUST see that there is a possible benefit for them! Whatever means of marketing you use needs to create a question in the mind of your target – Can this help me?

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