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Daniel Tannenbaum

It has been recently announced the loans comparison site Badger Loans will now begin collaborating with our SEO team at Tudor Lodge Consultants. The business is looking to help improve their online presence through developing their SEO practices and came to us having found out about the number of clients in various sectors we have helped using our SEO expertise.

Who are Badger Loans?

Badger Loans uses award-winning technology in order to provide the most suitable lenders to applicants, enabling them to find the very best deals available for not only good credit loans but bad ones too. The fundamental aim of the company is to provide ease of use for those looking to find a suitable loan, without having to compromise on the reputation of the lender.

How we are helping Badger Loans

Landing pages: Creating new landing pages for the Badger Loans website is one way to help the company build upon its reputation online. Our team has made sure that these new landing pages have been properly structured to help with SEO rankings: this includes using relevant topic titles, H2 headings as well as internal links on articles to help boost its ranking online.

Creating links: We know that it is vital for a firm’s Google ranking to have strong links, and our SEO team has made sure that Badger Loans will only from now on have strong links from other reputable websites. This has two benefits for the loan comparison site: not only will it now be easier to crawl for Google, but it also aides their SEO ranking.

Site redesign: another thing that the team at Tudor Lodge Consultants is working on is re-designing and updating the website, as this will also help improve its online presence and keep it in line with its other competitors online. For example, we will be introducing calculators onto the website, to help improve online engagement - as this will impact SEO ranking.



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