Social Media Engagement: Where will your business achieve the most?

Eva Wilkes, GML Consulting Ltd.

Driving brand engagement in social media doesn’t necessitate being everywhere, there are hundreds of social media sites, each with their own niche. Even concentrating on a handful of the big players like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube is time consuming. While it’s a risky plan to put all your effort into just one social media account, a strong presence on fewer websites is more valuable than a weaker, less engaging presence on as many networks as possible, particularly if you enjoy cultivating a healthy Klout score.

If you’re a fashion retailer whose engagement is driven by stunning imagery, or an engineering firm who likes to share interesting products and innovation, some, rather than all of the most popular networks will be suited to your content. To help you identify the perfect networks, we’ve used a wide range of sources to identify those that generate the best engagement per business type.


The most effective social media networks for brand engagement, by sector:

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