Starting a Recycling Business in England

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Daniel Tannenbaum

Starting a Recycling business is a good idea, in various aspects. First of all, it can help you make you a profit. Moreover, this venture can also benefit the environment. However, all of this is easier said than done. A lot of hard work is required to make this venture a success, and there are also bound to be many competitors. But if you come up with a comprehensive plan to implement, it is only a matter of time until you start a booming Recycling Business in London.

Technically speaking, Recycling falls under the sector of Waste Management. Broadly speaking, you can choose your business to operate within one of the following spheres; collection and production. Collection involves collecting materials (that can be recycled) from consumers and businesses. Production involves producing new things from the recycled materials. You should decide which of these two niches you want your business to specialize in, beforehand. The Recycling market in London is dominated by those businesses who specialize in collection. One of the most prominent companies in this domain is Rubbish 2 Go, which operates in all areas of London.

London is an ideal place to start your Recycling Business as more and more companies are becoming aware of the need to maintain a positive impact on the environment. That is where a Recycling Business comes into play. These companies can be the clients of your business. The number of big companies in London has grown quite a lot over the past few years. They are bound to have a significant amount of waste materials that your business can utilize.

The Business Plan

The most pivotal think you need to do throughout the whole process is to come up with a comprehensive business plan. This document will act as the blueprint for your whole Recycling business. It will basically outline how you will run and develop your business. It will also outline your goals and vision for the venture. Be sure to be as specific as possible in your Business Plan. Vague ideas can often lead to indecision in the future. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to come up with concrete ideas that can be implemented. 

Funding and monetary resources

Funding is important for any business, and the recycling business is no different. There are various sources and methods to look for investment to fund your venture. Nowadays, being environmental-friendly has become almost a necessity for every corporation. Hence, investors are looking to fund ‘green’ companies who are working for the betterment of the environment. Recycling companies definitely fall into the spectrum of ‘green’ companies, and you should always highlight this fact in your branding. This is the aspect that will most likely attract investors. You should be able to convince them that your business will remain sustainable in the long-term. 

Money is a resource that will be required for various purposes, throughout the lifecycle of your business. In the past, startup costs used to be relatively low but they have risen a bit nowadays. This is because the competition in this market has increased, especially in London. One of the most important investments is for your staff. They are the ones who will ultimately implement your service. Skilled staff is necessary as the quality of their work will greatly affect the success of your business. Machinery and vehicles will also be needed, and these are relatively costly investments. 

Rules and Regulations

Furthermore, there are many rules and regulations to be considered as waste management is a highly regulated industry. You cannot afford to neglect these laws, as law enforcement is quite strict in this domain, in London. The main legislation relevant to this in England is the ‘Environmental Protection Act’. It basically outlines the structure that waste management services should have and how they should control their emissions. You should stay in compliance with these regulations at all times, even if it costly for you. This point cannot be stressed enough. Compliance and legal organisations have a lot of power and influence in London, and can potentially make or break your Recycling Business. 


If you keep the above guidelines in mind, you will most likely come up with a start a successful Recycling Business in London. Remember, that is essential for you to complete the planning phase before the implementation phase. It can be tempting to rush into things but patience is required when starting a business. You need to be focused and realize the exact service that you are providing to your clients. Remember, that will all great businesses, it will take your business a little time to truly establish itself. Your focus initially should be on landing clients, no matter how small or big they are. Once you get some clients under your belt, your business will start to grow and eventually gain bigger clients.

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