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Daniel Tannenbaum from Tudor Lodge Consultants

Tudor Lodge are delighted to announce a partnership with Xexec, the leading employees discount and staff benefits solution in the UK. Featured in the Tech Track 100 for 3 years (2012, 2013 and 2015), the London-based company gives large and medium size enterprises a solution to keeping staff motivated.

Creating an online portal for each company, employees have their personal login and gain access to thousands of specific discounts and offers from all over the country. With clients such as 02 and BUPA, employees stay motivated by having access to discounted holidays, theatre tickets, music concerts and everyday household items.

How we are working together

Xexec are not ranking on Google for any of their key search terms such as employee discounts, staff recognition or employee engagement - which is why they came to Tudor Lodge Consultants! 

Together, we have devised a strategy to attract B2B customers, optimising every aspect of the website including content, meta data, headings, images and more. It is important that all the relevant information is available on the website so Google can understand what Xexec offer and rank them accordingly. 

In addition to this, we have been working hard on their PPC (pay-per-click) campaign on Google so that we can test out hundreds of keywords and get an idea of what search terms are best and where we should focus our resources.

The Christmas period is a particularly busy time as employers are always looking to motivate staff around the holiday season, other than a Christmas bonus and a party at the end of the year. Staff will respond well to discounts on items and events that they can share with their loved ones, so it is crucial that we can boost their ranking in time.

Next Steps

As we plan the next 6 months for the Xexec website, we are planning to enhance the user experience by creating a mobile-friendly website and adding more images and videos to create a more visual experience. We are working hard at getting PR for the company as more mentions and links on external sites will make the website seem more relevant in Google's eyes and lead to higher rankings in the search results. 



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