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David Soffer

Let’s face it, the ideal job for many is one that means you can work from home. You get more flexibility in your hours, can wear whatever you like and don’t have to do a lengthy commute in all weathers of the year. There are many jobs out there that allow you to work from home, it’s up to you to think about your skills and what you can do to earn the cash from the comfort of your own living room.

You need to think about where your talents lie – whether you are a natural writer, crafter or have great customer service and people skills. You could try reading up and researching what skills certain roles need and hone in on these before applying for jobs. You will also need to be prepared that work from home office jobs can require long and sometimes unsocial work hours, so you need to think of the role that is right for you. Here are some of our top ideas for home office jobs to get the ball rolling…

Online support agent

One stay at home office job you could do is to be an online support agent such as for bingo or sports betting sites. One of the most important roles in online gaming is this customer service role. You'd need to be quick to reply, knowledgeable and quick to learn and friendly too. You would be responsible for acting as a liaison for customers who come to the site and assist with different aspects such as complaints, questions, errors, signing up, cancellations, billing and any other queries they might have.

Freelance writer

A freelance writer is another great office job you can do from home. You can start with a few low-level jobs before building up to bigger ones. There are many sites you can use to get these jobs, such as People Per Hour, Fiverr and more. You can use many different resources such as Linkedin or Facebook to get advice and tips, and, of course, read the many blogs and sites out there with top tips to earn money from your writing. To be a freelance writer you need to be able to turn content round within a good time frame and have good research skills for when topics need more in-depth information.

A virtual assistant

A virtual assistant provides administrative support to either an individual or a team while working remotely. Your tasks will normally include a range of administrative tasks such as answering emails, scheduling meetings, making travel arrangements and any other tasks they put your way. It's important to have strong communication and a good internet connection for this. Most keep in touch via instant messaging such as Skype or Slack. This is a role that will require you to be organized and efficient so you can stay on top of the different tasks assigned to you. We suggest ensuring you have a good filing and recording system to keep track of everything.

An online tutor

Another way you can put your skills to use and have an at-home office job is to become an online tutor. An online tutor may work with anyone from young children to teens and adult learners. All you need is a computer, a strong internet connection and a quiet spot where you can interact with the student and help them with their learning. For many tutoring jobs, you will need a degree, however, some will accept or require an educational background in a specific subject or additional qualifications. You will normally either interact through Skype or a similar program so it's important you have a webcam and a good microphone to communicate with.

Sell home-made craft items

If you are a bit crafty and creative on the site, you could set up your own online store. People work from home selling all sorts of things they make, including jewelry, greeting cards, trinket boxes and much more. It’s a great way to make some extra money on the side while also doing something you love every day. You could have your own website selling your items or piggy-back on sites such as eBay, Amazon, and Etsy.




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