Tudor Lodge are Helping RJ Acoustics Build an SEO-tight Website

Tudor Lodge Consultants

Working with air tightness and ventilation testing experts RJ Acoustics, Tudor Lodge Consultants are very pleased to announce the launch of a bespoke, fully functioning and up to date website (www.rjacoustics.com). RJ Acoustics offer a wide range of building tests that all new builds and developments must undertake before it becomes livable including water calculations, air tightness, ventilation testing, commissioning and more.

Project Specification

To design and build a fully mobile-responsive website to maximise user experience and rankings on Google.

What we Have Done

With their previous site becoming increasingly outdated, we undertook a total overhaul strategy. Working closely with a team of experienced developers, we planned and designed a site that had SEO (search engine optimisation) at its core. By ensuring that all content throughout the site is new as well as being up to date for SEO and online best practices, we have helped RJ Acoustics fly up Google; moving them up 3 pages in the space of just a couple of months.

Content needed to also be in line with current UK practices regarding the services offered by RJ Acoustics and this meant that we had to comply with a number of industry best practices too when writing the content.

We have improved their rankings on Google for keywords such as 'air leakeage testing' and 'air tightness testing' by producing new content, meta data, user journey, removing crawl errors and increasing the site speed. This has meant that the content and works on site are read as efficiently as possible by Google and other search engines, making sure RJ Acoustics are able to maximise their positions by being rewarded for the cleanest SEO practices.

What we are doing

We are making continuous tweaks and updates to site content and meta data to get it up to the highest standards, as well as building a clean backlink profile. 

Site speed and mobile responsiveness are becoming increasingly important in this day and age of ‘browsing on the go.’ Therefore, we continue to work towards fully optimising RJ Acoustics’ already impressive site speed and mobile features, with a variety of new pages, features and designs on site to come.

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