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Being in business you can’t have missed the fuss QR Codes are making around the world and wondered how on earth you can join the trend.

QR stands for quick response (the quick response of the relevant mobile device in interpreting the code).

Once scanned, users can ‘unlock the code’ and are taken directly to a specific webpage or destination that ties in with the related business or product.

In this way, the QR code is a connection between a customer and the online side of the business behind the QR Code.

The standard format is the bland pixelated black and white squares that you currently see around the high street.

But all that is changing

Custom colour QR Codes, with built in company logos are now hitting the marketplace. And it’s their newness that gives them the edge.

We know the psychology.
• Something is new (Black and White QR Codes).
• We notice it and give it our attention (Intrigue and Engagement)
• There’s a result  (Sales, Loyalty)

So now here comes the new QRCode on the Block and they’re set to create a whole new wave of brand loyalty.

Let’s look at it from the customer’s point of view:

  • They see something new and unexpected.  It’s unusual but attractive and they recognise the company logo and the colours. It all ties in so it must be Brand X
  • What’s it for? Where are they taking me? Mmm. That’s valuable
  • I’ll tell my friends….

 The social side of what we in the playground once whispered ‘pass it on’ doesn’t this time, get lost in translation. The new colour QR Codes are loud and bold. They’re designed to shout your company colours, to draw attention. But their prime purpose of course is ACTION.

The Whole is greater than the parts
There are a number of parts to getting the most from a custom QR Code.

Yes, you can be inventive in designing your code and so you should be. After all, it’s your company’s image pixelated on that window sticker or hoarding and you’ll want to look your best.

Condensing a ‘look’ into an image can be challenging, but this is where your – and the designers creativity lets you shine out from the previous black and white dullness.

After all why be square, when you can be gloriously magnificent?

But giving all your attention to The Look (What), over The Way (Why) won’t allow you to take advantage of the QR Code’s very uniqueness…. directing traffic!

A One Way Ticket
You have to have a sound marketing plan that includes direction. Where will you send them to after they’ve noticed, reacted to and scanned your colourful creation?

  • To your Optin Page? You might want customers to get more details, sign up for  an offer or optin to a mailing list
  • To a membership list or newsletter? – It’s a great way to maintain future contact and share company events and happenings
  • To an instructional pdf? – perfect! Save on printing costs and let the customer link to other info from within the document
  • To an ‘only for your scanners’ deal such as videos, music, deals, coupons? Why not! It gives them a unique advantage over those who can’t scan – a reward for action
  • To a mobile optimised version of your website?
  • To your company app? – Direct them to download your Business App to benefit from its special in-built features

To what else?  ….. what could YOU send them to that would be unique, valuable and engaging about your business…?

Whilst you get your thinking hat on about design and destination, you’ll also want to think about 2 other built in features of the new breed QR Codes – Tracking and the ability to change the dynamic url.

The New Colour QR Codes come with tracking so you can see how many users scanned your code, on what day and on what kind of device.  That’s powerful information, used wisely. How’s that?

You know what time of day they are scanned? Give them a timely offer – perhaps a 2 for 1 download.

Get lots of repeat customers? Give them a loyalty card that unlocks each time they visit.

Are you finding you have a quiet day or a slower sale time? Build in a ‘special’ to increase custom at down times.

Embrace the change
I saved the best till last. You can change the landing url of your custom QR Code. 

You don’t need to know how, just what it means to you.  It means your beautiful Colour QR Code is evergreen. It won’t go out of date (unless you decide it has) because you can change the embedded url whenever you want! (Well, your designer does that for you, but think of the possibilities of change).

Think of all the different url’s on your current site that you could send users to. You’re no longer limited to just a ‘once-and-for-all-time’ destination! Want to promote:

Latest current offer -  change it.
Details of sale time  - change it                        
Your mobile optimised website -  change it  
Your new business App  - change it              
Limited editions/stock - change it                 

It’s time to jump
These things are new but you’ll soon see them all over, and you’ll want to be ahead of the rest to get the advantage. They won’t be ignored. Colour speaks. And your company logo, with your branding in it will win it every time over the black and white version. Easy decision.

If you already have a standard code, it’s time to let it emerge from the blackness. If you haven’t, then it’s time to get creative and engage your customer in a whole new, colourful way.

Now go jump on those squares!

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