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Daniel Tannenbaum, Tudor Lodge Consultants

We are pleased to announce that we are working with Ambient Media specialists, Tabletalk Media. Ambient Media is an interesting concept, focusing on the marketing of things around us and what Talktable do is very unique. Working with some the leading brands in the UK such CV Library, Thomas Pink and Wickes, they facilitate advertising on every day objects including coffee cups, beer mats, sandwich bags and more. This type of business involves working with thousands of UK retailers and consumers on a daily basis. Advertisers can see the impact of their placements through increased brand awareness and the option to add a call-to-action code or discount on every advertisement.

What We Are Doing For Tabletalk Media

As you know, Tudor Lodge focuses on search engine optimisation and you can read more in our profile here. We were put in touch with TableTalk because they wanted to show up on Google images for people searching for 'coffee cup advertising,' 'deli bag advertising' and all the other products they offer. The idea is that potential advertisers and retailers looking for ambient media channels would see their images and get in touch. 

To increase their presence on Google images (the first enquiry we have had of this nature) we carried out the following steps:

  • Marked up all the images on their website with the appropriate alt-text so that they could be picked up by Google effectively.
  • Updated the website's sitemap and ensured that all relevant images were being indexed appropriately.
  • Add images of their work and samples on trusted websites including Youtube and Slideshare
  • Add case studies and images of their products on other high quality websites such as TechRound and of course, Norfolk Chamber

Our approach was based on the idea that Google will show the images from the most relevant websites - and perhaps not all of these could be directly from Tabletalk's website. So in addition to optimising Tabletalk's site, we added the images to other trustworthy websites which could rank just as well or higher. Eventually we aim that every image showing on Google Images could be displaying one of Tabletalk's products. 

Whilst we have put these procedures in place, we expect Google to take several weeks or months to update this, because hopefully it should lead to greater search visibility for our client and more sales.

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