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Daniel Tannenbaum

The Tudor Lodge Consultants team is pleased to announce that we have started an SEO campaign with Fund Ourselves. The firm contacted us to help with its search engine optimisation strategy to help boost its Google rankings and website traffic for specific terms relating to personal loans, peer to peer loans and investments.

Fund Ourselves operates in the peer-to-peer industry, offering low cost loans to consumers, with the finance provided by other individuals who receive interest on lending out money. The keyword strategy is therefore based around attracting both borrowers and investors looking for a return.

With our background in financial services, this is how we have approached the Fund Ourselves project in the early stages.

Keyword research

One of the first steps we took in terms of an SEO strategy for the startup was conducting keyword research. This is vitally important, as once relevant keywords have been narrowed down it enables you to tailor content in order to drive traffic and target your audience in a more effective manner. The tool we use is Keywords Everywhere which allows us to see the keywords and their monthly search volume on Google, and then we transfer this to our keyword reporting tool of AWR.

Landing pages

Once relevant keywords regarding personal loans, investments and ISAs had been established following research, we set out to create individual landing pages for each. We also ensured that these pages had also been fully optimised, in order to ensure they are indexed properly by Google and to help improve overall rankings - and this is achieved through well constructed meta-titles, descriptions, heading structure (h1,h2,h3), images, calculators, internal links and more.

The idea is to make one landing page per keyword and not to overlap (otherwise Google will be confused and demote all pages). So it is best to have one page for personal loans, not 3 or 5.

Link building

We have been working on establishing credible and trustworthy links to Fund Ourselves, to help with its SEO strategy. This is important for any website’s Google ranking, as it builds up trust for the domain.

We focus on industry specific links from websites (not blogs or directories) and news sites relating to finance, startup, business, consumer finance - to ensure relevancy where possible. Therefore, we avoid links from food, sport or science, since this would lack relevancy.

We keep very safe with the anchor text, using brand name and 'here' and 'read more' where possible to avoid the risk of penalties.

Whilst early days, we expect to see small growth in the first few weeks, with solid growth over the 3 to 6 month period.




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