We are working with The Medic Mind

Daniel Tannenbaum, Tudor Lodge Consultants

We are delighted to announce that we are working with The Medic Mind, a new startup which has found an excellent gap in the market to help students get into the medical school of their choice.

The Story of Medic Mind

The Medic Mind was founded in 2016 by Kunal Dasani and Mohil Shah who are both studying Medicine and UCL in London. Together, they accumulated over 1,000 hours of tutoring to students looking to studying medicine and found that most people could not afford the standard £200 for a UKCAT or BMAT Course. 

They quickly saw a gap in the market to provide online course, one-to-one tuition and mentoring to help give young students the support they need. The online BMAT and UKCAT courses start from just £35, a fraction of their competitors and they include free online resources too such as past papers and mark schemes, something that was previously inaccessible.

The response has been fantastic as they have had thousands of pupils sign up and they have had a 92% success getting their pupils into University and an average UKCAT score of 720 where the national average is 570

What We Are Doing For Them

Since SEO is our speciality, we are working hard with Medic Mind to improve their organic search rankings on Google for terms relating to BMAT and UKCAT courses, tuition and mentoring. 

We have started with a big clean up of the website which has been challenging since the website is built on Weebly and is not designed for scalable SEO changes. It has been a very manual process to add meta-data, rel=canonical tags and h1 tags, hence we will consider moving the website to Wordpress in the near future. The changes thus far have been targeted at incorporating our target keywords into the meta-titles, descriptions and h1 headings. Plus, we have carried a full fix up to ensure no broken links, crawl errors and a strong well-indexed sitemap.

For content, we are looking to create a number of useful guides to position the company as a leader in the industry relating to everything in medical school preparation. This involves a series of guides, interviews and resources to 'hook' potential students.

In terms of links and PR, we are leveraging the founders' success but getting features in start up websites, UCL's news online and also very medical specific websites.

We look forward to taking the company from strength-to-strength and are confident that we can use SEO to drastically increase sales and help build the brand into a household name.


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