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Following our search engine success for GLC, we were approached by Monevo to provide search engine optimisation for Guarantor Loans - a brand new website for comparing loans of up to £15,000 and require a guarantor as part of the application process. Currently, the website consists of a basic comparison table and potential borrowers can compare the APR, loan duration and loan amount and click through to the lender of their choice and apply directly.

Monevo are a leading Consumer Finance Fintech brand, with a strong presence in the UK, USA and Australia. Through a number of specialist websites, they provide companies with high quality lead generation and help credit consumers find the best financial products for them. 

How We Approached The Project

Whilst having a name in the URL that tells what you do is certainly helpful, we still had to take the regular steps to optimise the site. We began with ways to show Google that this is a real business. This included adding a Google map on the site, signing up to Google Business and submitting the site to important directors such as Yell, Yelp and 192.com

We then started optimising all the meta-titles and descriptions for our target keywords and adding regular content (around 3 pieces of 1,000 words per week) including what the site does and guides such as how does a guarantor loan work, how are repayments collected and what checks are carried out by lenders.

We generated some strong links using our own host of websites and on business and finance magazines and journals where we could take about the industry, specifically the recent increase in FCA regulation.

Next Steps

The website will be redesigned to look smart, presentable and user friendly. We plan to continue adding regular pieces of content and instructional videos to add a professional quality to the site and keep users on it for longer. Other typical SEO techniques include adding useful infographics and studies to generate interest and links from external sources. No doubt that as the site gets more popular, it will attract spammy links and comments from elsewhere so we intend to keep a clean link profile by regularly removing bad links through Google's disavow tool.

Over time, as the site increases its positions on Google, we expect new lenders and partners will seek to get involved and this will give customers more selection when choosing a loan.

Within one month of optimising the site we have moved to page 3 for 'compare guarantor loans' and page 6 for 'guarantor loans' and anticipate we will reach page 1 positions for both keywords in at least 6 months time.

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