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Daniel Tannenbaum

Tudor Lodge Consultants is happy to reveal we are working with a new loans broker in the industry, My Financial Broker (https://www.myfinancialbroker.co.uk/). The company helps customers find the best loan product available to them through their affiliate lending network. The service is completely free for potential borrowers to use, and instead, lending partners receive a commission. If a loan application is successful, it is possible for funds to be transferred within just an hour.

Our SEO team has been called on to help improve the firm's online presence through our tried and tested methods, knowing that we have a strong reputation for achieving excellent SEO results. Here is what we have achieved so far.

What we are doing for My Financial Broker

Writing new landing pages - one of the best ways of building an online presence and establishing an excellent reputation is through producing concise, relevant landing pages. This indicates to users that the loan broker has a strong level of expertise and knowledge of its industry making it trustworthy. Strong, in-depth landing pages are also important SEO wise: by ensuring that these pages are structured correctly to meet SEO requirements. For example, our team has done this by choosing relevant content topic titles, as well as using the right H titles, such as h2 headings and internal links which are detected by Google algorithms.

Site clean-up - Our SEO team understands that making sure My Financial Broker’s website is fully optimised is vital for its Google ranking success. As a result, we have carried out a thorough clean up of the website to improve its SEO rating. For example, we have ensured that all titles, descriptions, internal links, response codes and image-alt text have all been optimised and fixed, helping to facilitate the indexing of the website by Google.

Acquiring links - another way we have been helping the loan broker has been through acquiring links to promote trust and authority of the website. We have made sure only reputable websites are now linking to My Financial Broker, which also makes it easier for Google to crawl the site and consequently improving the sites ranking.




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