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Daniel Tannenbaum

Tudor Lodge Consultants are currently working with Nineteen5 to help boost their visibility in the online world. Nineteen5 are a company that offer dynamic marketing and design services for businesses; this includes branding in addition to digital, print and presentation design. We help to boost their online visibility through our team of trained professionals, implementing various different SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategies to help bump up their rankings with Google. Tudor Lodge Consultants have achieved this through various different SEO tactics, including the following: 

Getting new links – one of the many ways in which we have been helping to promote Nineteen5 online via Google is by acquiring links from reputable, trustworthy websites. In getting these new links for Nineteen5’s website, we have helped to build up a trustful reputation of the site, thereby making it easier to crawl and improve the position of the site on the search engine’s rankings. 

Keyword research – we also took the time to understand and develop a list of our client’s prioritised keywords, and made sure that these keywords were included and fully optimised on the site through such methods as meta-titles and descriptions, including internal links, writing up image alt-text as well as creating dedicated landing pages.

Creating new landing pages – another great way to help in building up a distinctive and reputable online presence is through landing pages. This not only helps to show that the business has a wealth of knowledge within their chosen area, but also helps in optimising a site. We optimise the landing pages by structuring them to be relevant topics that also include H titles (e.g. h2s) and internal links. Including these features into the structure of a landing page can help to get it picked up by Google’s algorithms, improving the site’s rankings on the search engine.


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