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We are delighted to be working with Tiger Bridging, a specialist financier of asset-backed lending against commercial and residential property. The Mayfair company approached Tudor Lodge to help their company website rank higher on Google for terms relating to bridging finance and development finance, following the success with Bridging Loan Hub.

The Approach

The Tiger Bridging site had already engaged with SEO practices in the past and our first job was to clear up any potential issues. We started by optimising the meta-titles and descriptions of over 100 pages on the website, creating target landing pages for specific keywords. Ideally, to rank well on Google, you need one page to target a specific keyword, and avoid having dozens of pages all talking about the same thing.

To achieve this, we focused our attention on the homepage which is commonly known as the CEO of your SEO. This is where we have focused all our link building efforts and internal links towards, targeting terms such as bridging finance and development finance.

We needed to remove any broken links, crawl errors and response codes from the site - to ensure that the website can be indexed effectively by Google. To access this information, we use brokenlinkchecker.com, Google's Search Console and Screaming Frog (tool).


We tried to find some quick wins for the client and this involved creating landing pages and optimising for very niche products, such as offices, petrol garages, student accommodation, bedsits and more. Whilst these key terms are less competitive, we saw an opportunity to grab them early on and show quick results and enquiries for the client.

Whilst we optimise for more competitive keywords like bridging finance, loans and development finance - we appreciate that this may take several months for Google to pick us up and we expect to see strong results by month 3 and 6. 

Building Up Authority

To further build up the site in the bridging industry, we have been working on various PR opportunities and trying to acquire links for the company's website. Fortunately, the bridging and property industry has a lot of local publications who are always happy to conduct interviews and talk about recent deals - and we have leveraged this for our client. Elsewhere we are looking for links from specialist property and finance websites to build up the trust signals for Google.

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