We've helped GLC get to the first page!

Daniel Tannenbaum from Tudor Lodge Consultants

Tudor Lodge Consultants are delighted to have helped our client (https://www.guarantorloancomparison.co.uk/) reach page 1 on Google for guarantor loans.

We have helped GLC gain this position through the use of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It has involved a continued effort to add quality content to the site and gain traction and PR from a variety of news and industry sources. In addition, we have followed Google's guidelines to create a good user experience, adding images and videos where necessary and ensuring that the site speed of the website is very fast. Plus, the site is fully responsive on desktop, mobile and tablet - something that Google loves to see.

Daniel Tannenbaum who is the account manager for GLC said: "We have been working on the SEO for GLC for 12 months. Considering that there are over 50 guarantor lenders in the UK and around 12,000 monthly visits on Google for this search term, getting on page 1 is a very exciting proposition. We hope that they will receive some quality leads and this will help the site grow from strength to strength. Trying to rank for loans on Google is very competitive as there are companies all over the world competing for these positions. We are thrilled that our hard work has paid off."

GLC is a basic comparison site for guarantor loans in the UK. Users can view over 10 different companies, the rates they charge, loan amount and duration. For more information, please enjoy the video above. 


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