What does your brand imagery say about your business?

Fiona Burrage

Real businesses, real experiences.

Making the leap from stock imagery to original photography.

Fiona Burrage, Photographer

Why do images matter?
As a photographer and creative director, I spend a lot of time thinking about images. What do they say about the brand or person they represent? And how can we use them to change perceptions and maximise engagement?

Over the years I’ve noticed that businesses often rely too heavily on stock images that can feel outdated, impersonal and irrelevant. They don’t always understand that photography offers a major opportunity to shape how their brand is perceived.

Images are powerful. If you want to create hard-working brand communications that drive people to engage with your business, you need to use images that stand out, and stick. Hiring a photographer allows you to create bespoke brand imagery for your business.

A good photographer will work collaboratively with you in order to deliver the images most closely aligned with your vision and personality. By using documentary-style photography, for example, you show people what it’s like inside your business, as well as what happens when your products and services go out into the world.

What does this look like?
I’d like to share two relevant client case studies that demonstrate this approach, pictured above.

The first, D Clinic, is a dental practice in Marylebone. Their stand-out, architecture-designed interiors were integral to their unique brand offer. Stock imagery could never have captured such a meticulous eye for detail and the serene atmosphere of the rooms.

The second example is Computer Service Centre, the leading IT company in the East of England. Following the industry standard, they could have easily reverted to stock imagery of generic computers. Yet, we worked together to create a series of reportage-style photographs that showcase the team doing what they do best.

The process
All photographers work differently but here’s a bit about how my own process works:

During the briefing session, I talk to the client about the image applications they require and the platforms they use. I also ask the right questions to ensure the new imagery will present the most aspirational and engaging version of the brand. Following the shoot, I share a selection of images with the client and together we make a final shortlist, to be retouched and supplied as hi-res files. I provide a quote ahead of the shoot, so clients know the total cost before we get started.

And finally…
Sometimes stock imagery might be the best solution in the limited time you have available. If you need to use it, think carefully about what you buy. Try to choose images that feel as modern, fresh and relevant as possible.


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