Why you must learn how to create your own business content

Shaun Lowthorpe
No-one knows your business as well as you

It may sound counter intuitive for me to say this but the truth is that the best person to tell your story – is you.

The reason for that is that you and your team live and breathe your business, you know exactly what it is about and crucially what questions and objections your customers and prospects present you with (that’s crucial as I explain here).
What you may not know is how to make sense of that in a way that engages them.

Your biggest hurdle will be finding the time and getting your staff on board, and you (and most importantly of all your staff) have to really commit to it. You may also not be comfortable with the technical aspects of things like recording and editing videos etc.

I go into more detail about all of this here if you want to find out more

Because what we are talking about here is not firing off one-off stories, press releases or blog posts. No, that’s tactical.

What we’re talking about here is strategy and about integrating content into your business. Critically it’s about using it to support your sales and customer teams (ie the people on the front line of your business). Content is not someone else’s job – it’s everybody’s job, or at least it will be soon. To do it well you are going to have to find

content champions within all corners of your business, or invest in bringing them in.


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Big companies already know this and often as not they have created their own in-house content teams

A quick search while I write this (July 26 2019) for ‘head of content’ jobs on the TotalJobs website alone shows there are 1730 available positions, and 789  content editor positions, 603 content writer jobs and eight content strategist jobs. On LinkedIn search for ‘head of content’ and it pulls up 3761 roles. I suspect those numbers are only going to get bigger in the years to come.

None of that means you will never again use freelancer copywriters, bloggers and videographers in your business. It’s just that you need to understand why you are using them and how they fit into your content strategy and overall business goals.

But there is knowing how you get there, and working out for yourself a content strategy that can help you achieve your business goals and the growth you are looking for.
If you are reading this, then it sounds like you are embarking on that journey. Why not let me know how you are getting on?

For a no obligation chat about how to create content champions in your business call me on 07708 855 486, or email shaun@contentconnective.com.


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