Women's Energy Network - Whats it all about?

When the lovely ladies of WEN asked me to join the steering group I had a think, I knew I could bring a great resource to the table in terms of contacts, networking ideas and opportunities.

WEN has got me thinking, what is it all about?

Personally I cannot stand people who moan about things with no substance, no facts and with no intentions of changing things (we all know people like this). I have sat in ‘women focused’ seminars/networking events before (not always in the energy industry) and I’ve actually felt a bit embarrassed to be there because many just turn out to be the stereo type – ‘talking shops’ with women, moaning with no substance!

I can put my hand on heart and say this is not what WEN is about and believe me, it comes as a refreshing change!

It’s not all about standing up to our male colleagues and it’s definitely not a women’s only movement – on the contrary actually, we encourage everyone to get involved with WEN – actually, we’re counting on it!

WEN is designed to give a platform to inspire communication, get people connected and if we rattle a few ‘mind-sets’ along the way then all the better! If we can encourage even just a handful of young women to get into the industry, motivate our colleagues to stand out or even just to meet a few more contacts, we’ve done our job.

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