This year I will... what are your business resolutions?

Louella Schooley - Chirp Communications


Each and every New Year’s Eve people around the world promise themselves that they will change, be different, be better, be thinner or work more efficiently. In most cases this turns out to be a statement made whilst under the influence of the bubbly stuff and is almost always unrealistic, overambitious or just plain ridiculous.

Here at Chirp, we find ourselves to be no different to others and we are full of ambitious thoughts and promises. However, for the first time we are taking a step back and considering our options before jumping onto bandwagons and into the latest business fads.

I’m sure that you are expecting this blog to be all out work life balance and how to work efficiently but I’m afraid to say that it isn’t. It’s all together more simple. This year our resolution is to focus, focus, focus. Just as we advise our clients, we are going to be looking (and relooking) at (new and existing) clients, learning more about them and their needs, and exceeding their expectations each and every time. We will be identifying how the messages for each and every one of our clients need to be bespoke yet iterative, unique yet challenging, clear yet sophisticated. All the time exploring new and exciting channels to display them on.

We are excited about 2016 and hope very much that you will be part of our business year. Here’s to good one folks!

P.S. If you’re after a blog about work life balance I believe Google has a few...

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