Benefits of Hiring Conference Facilities with Hotel Accommodation in Essex

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Many conference venues don't offer accommodation services. This can be a huge let down, especially when foreign delegates come to attend events in Essex. Such visitors will require a place to rest after the gathering. Therefore, you must look for a venue that accommodates your guests even after the event has ended.

The following are the benefits of hiring a conference facility that host lodging services:

Saves Time

After a long day of participating in the conference activities, your guests will be exhausted and will need the nearest place to rest. If they are accommodated in a hotel that is far from the conference venue in Essex, it would be a big hassle for them to move when they are tired.

Moreover, delegates will be able to save their valuable time when moving from their accommodation rooms to the conference event. This will make sure that the guests reach the event venue on time and get enough time to rest.

Provides Backup

When looking for venue hire in Essex, most delegates prefer a venue that they can attend with their children. As a parent, it is only natural that they want to keep their children protected and keep a watch over them always. So, having room reservations in the same facility will help them feel at ease. Also, they will be able to attend to their young ones when the conference proceedings are on a break.

Medical emergencies can happen to anyone at any time. In such a situation, conference venues with accommodation services are ideal for members who might have medical conditions and require periodic rest during the event. If they are hosted on the same establishment, it would be convenient for them as well as prevent the situation from getting worse.

A delegate will also be able to access a change of clothes in case of a mishap that may ruin their initial outfit. Therefore, hiring a venue that offers hotel services in the same conference facility will be an essential backup for your guests.

Convenient During the Night

Some events take longer and may end during the night. Providing your guests with lodging services will save them the trouble of having to travel late in the night for accommodation. Sometimes, the conference might be set to proceed at night. In this case, it would be easier for the attendees to make it in time if they are in the same vicinity.


Essex is known for being an important educational hub. Many people visit the city for educational empowerment and inspiration. Hence, if the conference is targeted for young adults who need to be monitored, it is safer having them in the same facility to keep track of their whereabouts. That's because, in most accommodation sites, everyone is required to sign out before they leave.

In other cases, most people feel insecure and vulnerable when they are in foreign or unfamiliar surrounding. Hence, delegates would feel unsafe when commuting to accommodation facilities that are far from the conference site.


If you are in-charge of catering for your guests' accommodation needs, you can book for their accommodation in the same facility where the conference is held. It would be a much cheaper option. It is highly probable that the management will offer better deals for room bookings. They can even provide inclusive service packages such as 24-hour room service and free access to the hotel's lobby bar and restaurant when you accommodate your guests in their facility.

You should hire conference facilities with hotel accommodation for your guests. This will help save on costs and time and ensures the safety of your guests. If you wish to hire a conference facility that can host your guests adequately, get in touch with Venuefinder. They have an extensive catalogue of conference sites that will suit your needs.

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