Discover the Norfolk #TechNation community

Huw Sayer - Business Writers Ltd (and co-organiser of Hot Source)

Are you aware of the tech talent in Norfolk? 

Where do you go when you need coders, software developers or app creators? Where do you go when you need websites built and optimised for mobile devices? Where do you go to discover the latest developments in technology and digital creativity - and what they might mean for your business?

If you answered, 'not sure' or (worse still) 'London', then I have news for you. Greater Norwich is home to a thriving tech and digital creative sector, employing some 14,000 people, and is a recognised #TechNation cluster (just one of 21 in the country according to Tech City UK). The companies range from innovative startups and micro-businesses to fast growing SMEs, including award winning agencies and advanced technology pioneers.

You can meet some of these companies and hear what the latest advances in technology mean to your business at 'The Future is Here' event, run by Norfolk Chamber, on 23 September 2015.

Get involved and meet the community

The organisers of Hot Source, Norfolk's innovation forum, are also keen to strengthen links between local tech companies and the wider business community. One way we do this is to hold free quarterly events that explore the latest thinking about the ways technology is shaping business and society. However, we have also started to put together a list of all the different tech-related groups and volunteer led networks in Norfolk and Suffolk, to help local business people connect with this exciting sector.

Our aim at Hot Source is to encourage different sectors to share ideas and experiences, so as to stimulate innovation, power economic growth and create jobs in our region. We want to inspire our talented young people to stay and build their world-beating companies here. And we want entrepreneurs from elsewhere to see Norwich and Norfolk as a great place start-up and scale-up their businesses.

With your help, we can make our region one of the most dynamic in the UK and Europe. We have a wealth of talent - as well as a great quality of life - but we will only prosper collectively if we make the most of the opportunities around us. Please take time to connect with the local #TechNation community and share this information with your network - because together we are stronger.

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