Have You Worked Out Why LinkedIn Is Right for You & Your Business?

John Davy - Dojo Media Consulting Ltd

Have you also thought how LinkedIn can help your business?

Finally, do you recognise the importance in connecting a person with their business or is it still a big mystery?

I would suggest that for any B2B company, LinkedIn presents an excellent opportunity. So, let's take a look at the reasons why, and how you can make the best of this free to use platform

First off the bat, digital marketing is all about supporting the overall business objectives for your company. Sculpt out those goals and make the best use of the right digital channels to promote them.

Why LinkedIn?

Linkedin is a social media site & communication platform designed to support business interests. It is a  global database of business connections with over 365 million members

It is your personal web page to display your skills and services with those who have shared interests & on top of that LinkedIn connects you to your company and promotes both!

The Key sections of a LinkedIn Profile to Focus on

The foundation of LinkedIn is the personal profile. Get this right and you will immediately stand out from your competition as most people do not take this vital first step

Your Newspaper Headline

When you look at the top section of your Linkedin profile, you should view it as your Newspaper Headline. If it is good someone will pick it up, if not they will move onto the next one

Having a well taken professional Image will give your profile a far better chance of being read (The stat's say about an 18 x better chance in fact!)

The Headline allows you to snapshot your role the services you provide and the problems you will solve

Under that, you will find the contact facility that enables you to insert contact data such as phone, address, contact numbers, email, websites and other digital assets URL

There is also a chance to create a unique personal URL within LinkedIn which helps you stand out and get found  for what you do
Parts of the top section are the only part of your profile that will feature in a search on LinkedIn or Google or Bing or Yahoo etc. It is also your first opportunity to stand out from the crowd and the only chance to invite interested parties to delve deeper.

Next up comes the Summary Section

Often confused with the experience section below it, your summary section is your opportunity to define yourself from scratch. It is, therefore, an essential part of your profile

The summary section is personal, and it will be the place that readers look to find out what makes you tick. Think in terms of a short version of WHY you do WHAT you do in your WORDS. Include your strengths, capabilities, personal values and some key phrases that describe your role and current position.

Tell the story of what you do in the Experience Section

As most people write about their work in the summary section, (Which is pretty much all wrong!) they often write little or nothing in the experience section.

An experience section is a place you can tell a story of your work.

You can inform people of your title and role, insert keywords and phrases that support your business

One of the best things you can do is to explain to others the challenges you solve for them in your work

Talk about the kind of problems and challenges people put in front of you. What you do to help and solve those problems & finally the positive result that comes from that process for the people you are helping.

Do you want  LinkedIn to give your Profile an ALL STAR ranking?

Of course, you do so.

Fill in the boxes!

The network elements of a LinkedIn profile go toward ranking your profile both in LinkedIn and also with search engines such as Google
Network Elements are the sections of your profile that matter in LinkedIn’s ranking system, including:

  • Connections - colleagues, peers, clients, mentors, etc. The quality matters as much as the quantity. 
  • Endorsements - social proof from others is a ranking element within LinkedIn. It is also great to get others commending your work
  • Recommendations - Long-form recognition by others is once again invaluable when clients are doing their due diligence on your capabilities
  • Projects - successful projects you have associated with allow you to invite others to connect with the same project. It also features on their profile that boosts your exposure to others
  • Group Membership - Groups that mentor your interests or Groups help your clients. Groups increase your connectivity as you do not have to be directly connected to communicate

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for your business that breaks down barriers and is solely designed to support businesses who want to:

“Help you, your connections, and millions of other professionals meet, exchange ideas, learn, make deals, find opportunities or employees, work, and make decisions on a network of trusted relationships and groups.” - (In LinkedIn's words! Part of their mission statement!)

Why wouldn't you?? Want to know more.

I will be happy to help!

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