Why Business Conferences are Still Important for Business

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Affiliate businesses rely on their network to be successful. Without their network, they will struggle to grow into new areas and make mutually beneficial connections. In a time when we are all scrolling through social media too much, it can be difficult to make those connections, but conferences are one way of saying hello to potential business partners and even shaking hand on new deals. Here are some of the best reasons why conferences are essential to affiliate businesses.

1.   Networking

One of the first advantages of saying yes to your next conference invite is to network. This was touched on above and is one of the first benefits people think of when considering going to an event like these. However, many do not make the most of their opportunity to network. They do not prepare or execute a strategy to network and sometimes people stick to familiar faces rather than branching out. Networking requires you to step outside of your safe space and choose to interact with new people. In fact, reaching a hand out to industries you do not network with enough can be especially beneficial and open unseen opportunities. So, next time you are at a conference, head on over to the table of that marketing company you keep seeing branded around. You may find great relationships in unlikely places.

2.   Making Old Connections

Just like conferences are great for making new connections and expanding your network, they are also the perfect place to meet up with your current business partners and affiliates. Making time for these people during the hectic business schedule can be difficult and a conference allows you to meet up with many of them at once, without wrestling with logistic headaches and time constraints. You also need to make sure you are at the forefront of these people’s minds to secure further deals and continue your relationship. Many businesses receive a majority of their success through limited avenues. If you are one of these businesses, maintaining relationships can be just as important as creating new ones. A perfect example of this is Affiliate conferences in the gaming arena, where even global brands like PartyCasino take advantage of these events to re-acquaint themselves with current partners and foster new relationships as well.

3.   Knowledge is Power

The core aim of a conference may be seen as a place to network, but we should not forget that conferences are also put on to share knowledge and innovations. By attending conferences, you reduce the chance of your affiliate business from missing out on opportunities to embrace the latest developments. You also stay up to date on the ways that technology is reshaping your key areas. Knowledge is certainly power - and conferences are one way of getting your share.


Next time you and your business partners are invited to a conference, instead of scoffing at the thought of sub-standard sandwiches and boring seminars, consider going to meet new prospects and a benefit in a whole host of other ways.

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