What Tech will look like in 2022 and how Naked Element are working ahead of the curve

Rain Crowson, Naked Element

The results of the Tech Nation 2022 survey have arrived, predicting the future of the digital tech sector in the UK, and Naked Element are pleased to recognise that the work we are doing now in 2017 is contributing towards these strong aspirations and ambitions.


So what are people across the tech sector envisioning the digital tech sector to look like in 2022?

  • 73% believe that the UK tech sector will grow over the next 5 years
  • 62% believe that the UK will continue to be Europe’s digital tech leader
  • Sectors with the most growth potential are identified to be Cybersecurity, healthtech and fintech
  • Sectors predicted to attract the most investment for the UK are thought to be Fintech and Cybersecurity

As Naked Element expand our team and skills, we are also expanding our list of clients and projects. We are currently developing bespoke apps for our clients, helping them to cut out their manual rekeying and paper processes by creating them their own fully integrated system tailored to their business. We are continuing to develop these apps and we look forward to contributing to the growth of the digital tech sector.


We are also looking to grow and train those working in the tech sector. Naked Element has now employed and trained two Apprentice Developers and one Junior Developer on their Uni gap year.


The survey also showed strong optimism for additional possibilities within the digital tech sector, such as:

  • Almost 50% believe 5% of UK cars sold in 2022 will have driverless technology
  • 45% think that women will represent nearly half the digital tech workforce
  • 43% think that drones will be used for express parcel delivery
  • While 41% think that Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality will be used in many classrooms

It’s great to see technologies such as driverless cars, drones, VR and AR will be introduced into our everyday lives. We’re also glad that women will represent nearly half of the digital tech workforce as at Naked Element we have transformed from 2 men, to 3 men and 3 women, therefore we are strongly routing for women in tech.


It’s also thought that in 2022 it’s less likely that:

  • We will have 3D Printers or Virtual reality headsets in homes
  • We will receive 5G or super-fast fibre broadband
  • Government services delivered digitally will be as good as consumer services (eg. Amazon)

Although these “less likely” scenarios have been answered by a good percentage of those surveyed, more than a third of those asked think that “The UK will have a tech company that competes on a global stage by 2022 and is compared favourably alongside Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google.”


We’re feeling optimistic!


The link to the results: http://www.techcityuk.com/blog/2017/06/what-will-uk-tech-look-like-in-2022-here-are-the-results-of-our-tech-nation-2022-survey/


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