The Benefit of Multiple Quotes

Vicki Sherman, Cost Centre Services

We've recently conducted research into the value of obtaining multiple energy quotes on behalf of our clients. The figures support our long held view about how important it is to approach as many energy suppliers as possible to see exactly how market pricing stands.
The three diagrams illustrate the lowest (blue) and highest (red) quotes received on behalf of three of our clients. Each diagram shows a typical difference (green) of around 16% between the lowest and highest quotes. Interestingly, this 16% is entirely typical, but we often see as much as 35%.

Diagram A shows the cheapest gas supplier quoting a 3.35% increase in current spend, but the most expensive supplier quoted an increase of 18.30% - a difference of 14.95% meaning the client would have paid an extra £4,500pa if they had accepted the highest quote.

Diagram B shows quotes received for a very small consumption. The difference is 15.76% equating to an extra £270pa if the highest quote had been accepted.

Diagram C shows quotes for a high consumption of electricity. Here, an extra £6,000pa would have been unnecessarily spent if the highest quote had been taken.

At Cost Centre Services we are proud of our independence. We request quotes from up to 22 energy providers to ensure our clients receive full visibility of the best prices possible. Be careful if you accept quotes from just one or two suppliers – you could unknowingly be accepting one of the highest quotes in the market place.

If you would like more information about seeing quotations from more suppliers then call 0345 450 1446 or contact us online.

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