3 Reasons Why You Should Record Customer Calls

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You will be familiar with the standard recorded message at the start of call center conversations that informs you that the call is being recorded, but have you thought about why they do it? If your business relies on customer calls during business, you need to understand the benefits that this action can bring to your business.

It is an opportunity for you to improve how your business works; the efficiency of the call handlers, but also how you can improve on your customer’s experience of your business. When customers are in conversation, they express a huge amount of information that cannot be conveyed through a box-ticking exercise on standard feedback forms. Call and voice recording give you a deeper understanding of the merits and flaws of your business from a client’s perspective and what the customer values.

Still, need convincing? Here are 3 reasons why you should record your customer calls:

Revisit Information

Call center agents are skilled in their ability to engage in conversation while noting details and information onto the system. However, even the most proficient employee can sometimes miss crucial information. Call recording allows information to be revisited so that no data is lost. This can be critical in calls where mistakes have been made. If professional advice has been given that is incorrect, there can be serious consequences, and you may have to defend your position. A Hiscox indemnity policy for example, will cover your costs to settle any claim, but a recorded call will help to clarify your position.

Improve Call Outcome

There is little more frustrating than dealing with a call center agent who doesn’t seem to have the information that you require or know how to deal with the issue. Recording calls enables businesses to identify any challenges that agents may have. They can be resolved by further training for individuals or whole teams. Conversely, if an agent has worked particularly well with a client, the recording can be used as a benchmark standard to showcase to other agents. By addressing training needs, you are better able to control and improve the outcome of the calls.

Collate Data

We live in a digital age, and typically the only prior experience your customers have of your business is via the internet. When they pick up the phone to speak to a representative of your business it will more than likely be the first time of speaking to a real person. People like talking to real people, and the customer data that the agent collects through the call can be used to shape your business. You rely on data and metrics to direct every business decision, the products and services that you offer and how and where you market them – vital data that drives growth and profit margins. 

Every call that a customer makes to your business can add value. Each one will hold some information that you can use to improve the service that you provide. Recording your calls can benefit your business, whether by helping to identify training needs, a gap in the market or by helping to resolve customer disputes.

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