Assessing the Candidate Market

HEAD|HUNTED Recruitment.

Recession no longer stifles potential employees from aiming for the stars. It’s still too early to declare post-recession status, however, the economic climate in the UK is far better now than it was during the late 2000’s. According to BBC News, the British economy “has grown in every quarter since the start of 2013.”


So what does this mean for recruitment agencies? Well, the candidate market is no longer primarily focused on job security. In the late 2000’s, there was a surplus of candidates but, now that we are in “clear” economic waters, candidates are looking to prioritise salary, status and responsibility.


With the applicant pool churning out more and more specialised candidates, it’s more important now, than ever, for recruitment agencies to be pro-active. At HEAD|HUNTED Recruitment, we are very aware of how the fluctuating candidate market affects our client's needs. Most recruitment agencies will look to fill a vacancy as soon as possible, however, speed is not always in the client’s best interests. At HEAD|HUNTED Recruitment, we specialise in headhunting, which means we will seek to find both active and passive contenders. Our experienced consultants will narrow down the search, presenting our clients with the very best candidates. Whether we are in an economic boom or bust HEAD|HUNTED will always prioritise our clients and their needs.


  • We use the latest tools, technology and expertise to narrow the candidate pool
  • Each organisation is designated an experienced headhunter who will gain an in-depth understanding of the client’s business and hiring requirements
  • Each potential employee will be fully registered and briefed by one of our experienced headhunters and only the very best will be shortlisted to our clients.

If you would like to ensure a proactive and thorough hiring process where your needs are fully understood, please contact HEAD|HUNTED Recruitment today – 01603 858024.

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