The Best Selling Flowers in the UK

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Flowers are very versatile, and can be used for a variety of occasions, whether it be a wedding or a funeral. They can be used as a home décor item, or a gift to your significant other. The list is endless. Due to their beauty and versatility, they are widely bought in the UK. Flowers shops are very common throughout the country. You are bound to find one in your neighborhood. However, you should note that the world of flowers is really vast, and there are many different types available, to choose from. The choice of the flower you buy, should be dependent upon a various factors, most importantly the occasion for which the flowers are to be used. This is because each type of flower is used to portray a particular emotion. Below is a description of the best-selling flowers in the UK, for popular occasions. It can serve as a viable guideline for what flowers you should be looking to buy.

Wedding Flowers

The most classic type of flowers are roses. They have stood the test of time, and never seem to go out of style. Their luscious red color conveys a sense of deep passion and romance. Millions of roses are sold in the UK, each year. They are widely used in wedding decorations and also wedding bouquets.

Lilies are also amongst the best-selling flowers in the UK, primarily for weddings. They are known for lasting long amounts of times. Their white buds give off a vibe of elegance and classic beauty. In recent years, the amount of lilies sold in the UK has even surpassed the amount of roses sold, which is a testament to their growing popularity. Moreover, orchids are gradually becoming one of the best-selling flowers in the UK. They look very exquisite and exotic. Plus, they come in many different colours and sizes, so you have many different types of orchids to choose from. Orchids are suitable for a wide variety of occasions as they are symbolic of various things. They symbolize fertility, love, royalty, and power. The most popular orchids are Yellow, Pink, White and Blue Orchids. An iris is also a very popular type of flower in the UK. In fact, it is the birth flower of people who were born in February. Hence, it can make for a great birthday gift for such people. An iris symbolizes valor, faith, and wisdom. The color blue is relatively rare in flowers, and a Blue Iris is one of few true blue flowers available.’

Home Décor Flowers

Flowers are also a very popular home décor item. They can lighten up your room, with beauty and an air of freshness. They are also one of the most inexpensive options when it comes to home décor, and that is one primary reason why they are so widely sold in the UK. One of the most popular types of flowers for home décor are Tulips. Tulips were also very popular a long time ago. They were viewed as a luxury item, and hence had staggering prices. Thankfully, their prices has reduced by a significant amount now, in the UK. They come in a wide variety of unique shades. Jasmines are also used for home décor, and are very widely sold in the UK.

Funeral Flowers

That’s right, flowers are also widely used for funerals. People do not only buy flowers to express their love for each other, but also to express their condolences for each other. The death of a close is one of the most painful and difficult experiences of life. Providing your condolences to those who are grieving, is necessary etiquette. Sending them flowers is a good way to show them your sympathy. However, there are certain types of flowers and flowers arrangements that are more suitable when it comes to funerals.

Some of the best-selling flowers in the UK (appropriate for funeral ceremonies) include Orchids, Daffodils, and Lilies. Erin Bradley from ‘Funeral Flowers’ has termed these three flowers as the most appropriate for funerals. This is because these flowers carry with them a sense of deep meaning and symbolism. Therefore, it can be seen that flowers are one of the most popular items in the UK. They are used for a wide variety of situations and occasions throughout the country, whether it be down in London or up in Newcastle. That is why they are being sold in larger numbers than ever before. Naturally, some flowers have won the popularity contest against other flowers, and that is why some are more widely sold than others, in the UK.

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