Building Mindful muscle

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Build that Muscle of mindfulness

Building Mindful muscle.

Things get so busy in our personal and professional lifes our minds sometimes race with all the things we have to do as well as all the things we haven’t done,we think about how we could have done and things differently and create visions in our minds as to what our future may hold. Thinking about our past and future can have a very positive effect on our wellbeing,however,it can also have the reverse effect depending on what we are thinking and the emotions it triggers, its called story telling in the mind.

So when our heads are racing and were creating unhelpful stories in our minds stop and breath,take a moment to notice what is happening practice being present and use your five senses
what do you you hear
What can you feel
What can you smell
What can you see
What can you taste

There are so many benefits if you practice this very simple development tool

helps reduce stress
helps focus
helps us listen to others and yourself
helps us build good solid trusting relationships
It helps you slow down and appreciate what you have

Start practicing building YOUR mindful Muscle

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Have a great day folks.

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