Cost Saving In Retail?

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Let’s think about the latest round of cost saving initiatives in shops and stores for a moment. Consider this there are less staff on the shop floor and more “self service or self scan” tills in operation which as long as the software doesn’t go offline are an effective self check-out by the customer.  Online searches by the consumer looking for product information and online shopping for all manner of goods.

The ‘job’ of the customer is continually growing! Don’t all of the above actually move the work load to the customer?

The customer’s job just keeps on growing.  In fact some grocery outlets are starting to experiment with programmes that allow the customer to scan the products, put them into their bags and into the shopping trolley, then they automatically ring up the total amount due and pay using their debit card via their smart phone!  All of this is using the customer’s time, effort and phone.

Where is the “value” for the customer in all this?
Let’s consider for a moment the definition of “value”.  Value: Benefits received, for the burdens endured

Without doubt many of the shopping burdens have been moved over to the customer certainly with the arrival of new technology, but what benefit does your customer receive for the increase in “burdens” they now endure?

Some customers are all about cost savings. Others enjoy the increased feeling of control. Others may really want the time saved or not having to wait to be served. Not every customer has the same idea of a “burden.” 

If you really want to deliver more “value” to your customers then start by understanding what your best customers consider the burdens to be when shopping with you.  Take the competitive edge and unburden them in the most effective way that you can.

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