Decoding translation expressions - Proofreading vs Editing

In UK English proofreading is a process that takes place after translation and aims at checking the translation against the original, looking for translation inaccuracies or omissions and grammar and spelling mistakes. However the term proofreading is often confused with the term editing, because in US English editing means checking the translation against the source, while proofreading is another stage where only the translation is checked without looking into the original.

For this reason, when engaging an editor or a proofreader it is essential that the client states exactly what is expected from such professional.

Proofreading (in the UK) and editing (in the US) are essential steps in the translation process. At Monica Machado Translation Services all texts once translated are proofread against the original (source). This usually takes place a few hours after translation and it is always done on paper, to ensure a higher degree of attention as several studies seem to indicate that proofreading on paper allows the proofreader to concentrate more on the text and therefore to find a higher number of issues, often left undetected while proofreading on screen.

Monica Machado Translation Services provides editing and proofreading services from English into Portuguese. Whether you would like your Portuguese translation double-checked or have an old document that needs updating, we can help. Also, if you have Portuguese- speaking people in-house working on that special brochure or updating your website, you can still count on us to proofread the Portuguese version for you. At a small cost, you can make sure that there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes or inadequate truncation of text.

For more on translation terms and terminology visit our translation industry glossary.


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