Five Tips To Keep Your Employees Motivated

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If you are the owner of a business in any sector you’re going to most likely have staff working for you, and it then makes sense to keep these people motivated as best as possible. A happy and motivated set of employees are more productive after all, which in turn will be of a huge benefit to your business. Hence the reason more and more companies like InTouch Gaming have started to take the honour of being recognised as one of “Best Companies To Work For” very seriously. And, with so many weird and wonderful ways to keep employees motivated these days, we’ve listed our top five tips below.

Performance related bonuses and rewards

One of the most common ways to keep employees motivated is to provide incentives for them to do a good job and to improve. Many businesses may go down the route of providing financial incentives which could see staff take home a bonus for hitting a certain target. However, there are other rewards that could be provided too, such as tickets to a sporting event or show, a weekend break, or even having a member of the team being chosen every month for their exceptional performance in any part of the business.

Career progression

In the main, when most of us step into the world of employment, we do so at the bottom of the ladder. Obviously, while this is good for a while, in terms of experience, most people would like to progress in their career to ultimately hold better paid positions. By showing your business is one which is comfortable to employ from within, with viable pathways up the career ladder, staff will be motivated to do a great job everyday and have a long term perspective of them being in the company.

Social occasions

As mentioned above, a happy workforce is a more productive workforce But it’s important to remember that employees have lives outside of the workplace too. Allowing the personnel to socialise outside of the office is a great way to develop team building and camaraderie, especially when management is paying. While it is common for employees to head out for food and drinks, there’s also other options to consider too, with art classes, the theatre or even an evening at a casino, all great ideas for team building.

Listen to employees

All the people within a business need to be pulling in the right direction if it is to be truly successful. Therefore, it’s important that employees feel valued and feel like their voices can be heard. Listening to employees is key, as not only can they give great feedback on how they feel things could be done better, but they can also provide insight on any potential problems that could arise, allowing them to be dealt with swiftly. If staff feel they are being listened to, it is a proven fact that their morale and motivation levels will be consistently high.

Keep things pleasant

Keeping things pleasant could apply to many areas of a business but here we focus in on the workplace itself. If an office or other type of workspace is dingy and uninviting, it’s likely employees’ moods will reflect this, therefore making it hard for them to be motivated. So, it is vital to make the work environment an enjoyable place to be. This could be done by the inclusion of bright colours in and around the place, music, a recreational area and by incorporating the latest technology.

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