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James Adams

Whilst Norfolk is set to come out of Lockdown 2.0, businesses are continuing to feel the strain of the ongoing COVID situation, having to navigate the new tier system and what this may mean for them. Whilst many businesses have continued to operate, market conditions have still proved to be difficult for many. Making a clear and focused decision may seem like an impossible task. If you feel you would like another set of eyes on a certain solution, idea, or proposition, Akcela are here to support.

At Akcela, we have always offered a 60 minute introductory session with a business coach for free. However, given the current situation, we have decided to offer a reduced rate for any clients who join Akcela as a client until the end of December 2020.

Business coaching sessions will take place with Akcela business consultant Matt Lawley. Matt has an undergraduate degree in Advertising and Marketing, an MBA and a postgraduate qualification in professional consulting. Working with Akcela, Matt has a wide range of client experience in many sectors and follows the Akcela approach to business coaching and development. All Akcela practices follow the CMI's institute of consulting guidelines for best practice, with each consultant completing an IOC accredited postgraduate accreditation in professional consulting.

Matt has a wide range of skills that can support you and your business including;

To book a 60 minute session, which can include a focus on one particular issue, contact Akcela today.

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