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The news and magazine sector of convenience retail has not had an easy ride lately, however retailers who are investing some time and energy into this category are still delivering healthy profits.

News and magazines is not a category that retailers are rushing to get into, it remains a battle ground having to fight off the combined threat of the internet and  recessionary times, add being chained to a monopolistic supply chain and you can see the down side, so why is it that some retailers are making healthy profits from and even seeing profitable growth?

First, given the right circumstances and the necessary level of commitment, home news delivery, otherwise known as HND is still a service in demand. Home news delivery remains a reliable business consideration, it is not dependent on the weather or other factors. No one seems to want to offer this service certainly not the multiples so steal a march and investigate.

Some tips for you – HND can be a challenge but worth the effort newspaper lads and lasses can always be found wanting to supplement their pocket money, remember that delivery charges cover the cost of employing the youngsters and remember to carry out your due diligence, parents must be aware and sign to the effect that their youngster is undertaking a delivery service for you, also as a responsible employer make sure their bikes are roadworthy with working lights and they have helmets.

Consider a little bonus if the news delivery person brings in a new customer, can be done with a simple leaflet advertising your service, and the customer stays with the service for an agreed time.

Within your store generating demand for a title is important, one way is to respond to major events, take advantage of things like Wimbledon, motor racing, the horses and so on, put displays in your window  and showcase top titles or special interest magazines with full face block displays, regularly sort your slow sellers and adjust standing orders.

Many retailers are quietly proving that there is life in the old ‘news’ industry  yet. 

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