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I was asked the other day how someone could comment on LinkedIn as their "Company" rather than in their personal name.

LinkedIn Company pages used to be wonderful - they were like a mini-website, with videos, testimonials, they are fairly bland and rely on you adding regular updates in order to create interest.

Add regular LinkedIn Company Updates

If you are using the free version of LinkedIn, go to your page on a regular basis and add an update. The page is your chance to make a first impression - give people a feel about your company ethos and expertise.

One thing that I have found is that promotional updates sometimes do better on a company page than they do on your personal profile or in a group. This is because people have chosen to follow your company page, which means that they are already interested in what you do, so are more likely to read these posts.

Don't fill your updates with promotional items, though. I suggest you have a balance of company news, tips, useful articles and promotions.

Do You Need A LinkedIn Company Page?

If you are a one man band, you may not want a LinkedIn company page - you can do much more using your personal profile, and a page will just take up additional time. The only reason to create a page is for first impressions when people are searching for your company. As always with a small business, it is a case of balancing time versus need.

A LinkedIn company page is important for larger organisations as it can act as a hub for company updates. Individuals in the company can then share those updates to their connections. This is a good way to ensure that communications stay "on brand".

How To Target LinkedIn Company Page Updates

When you add an update, you can target the update to a specific audience. This may be useful if you have a wide range of contacts, especially if you have followers from around the world, where some updates will be more relevant than others.

Type in your update as usual. You will see a drop down arrow in the Share with box. This allows you to share your update with all your company followers or to target a certain segment of your followers. 
As you can see, there are a lot of options, such as company size, industry, seniority and geography, as well as by employees and non-employees. This is especially useful if you have an international audience. You can add posts relevant to different nationalities.

When you add an update, the people who are following your company page will see it in their news feed. You will probably have more personal connections than company page followers, so in order to extend its reach, share it on your personal profile.

How Can You Comment On LinkedIn As Your “Company”?

So, to answer my initial question, how do you comment on LinkedIn as the "company"?

LinkedIn is not like Facebook, where you can flit from commenting as the company or as an individual.

The only way you can comment as the "company" is if you reply to a comment or mention by someone else, or if you are a page admin and share a post. 

For example, the other day someone mentioned that our company (using @companyname) was jointly running an event with them. The mention showed up on my company page notifications. When I replied from the company page notification, by commenting on their post, it showed the reply as coming from my company. 

If they hadn't @mentioned the company and I had just seen their post in my normal personal newsfeed, the comment would have been in my personal name.

In summary, you are very limited in how you can interact as a company.

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