Poverty & The Future!

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Poverty remains the root cause of many of the world’s ills, including famine, disease and insufficient or zero education. Poverty contains many self-reinforcing elements, for instance poverty can make education an unaffordable luxury which has a tendency to result in continuing poverty.

While the Microfinance campaign is making a real difference in Bangladesh, Africa and other areas of the world, my concern is primarily within the UK. The external perception of the Uk is not that of a poor and needy country, unless of course you happen to be one of the homeless, a small business or self employed person struggling to make a living against the rising tide of obstacles flowing in your direction.

The campaign for microcredit:

Can microfinance and enterprise development be part of the journey out of poverty?  Any business that has more month than revenue and regularly subsidises the shortfall by credit card or loans if it’s possible to get one, is in the poverty trap.

Microfinance appears to be working well out in the world at large with some very good results. To decide if it is right for you and accessible where you are a lot more information is required.  Research and detail is required for this development and I will come back with a report which will be available to all subscribers of the How To Retail Bulletin at no cost. Look for this special report which will be highlighted in the weekly bulletin as soon as the information is gathered.

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