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In the report “Rural micro-businesses” the commission for Rural Communities urged the government to introduce measures that ensure a level playing field between rural and urban businesses.

This included the introduction of high speed broadband to all rural areas within five years and more engagement by public bodies such as local planners and council members.

Well a wait of five years seems to long for progress to arrive on your doorstep, lets consider what can be done while we wait!
If your business in located in a rural area or on the edge of a city or town, look to the villages and small communities within a reasonable distance and investigate going mobile.

Research the area and determine the consumer group, are they out at work or are they at home or a mixture of both and market the areas involved, simple flyer will do the trick asking the householder for their input into a mobile shop that will deliver in the area on certain days at certain times.

Outline what you will carry, fresh produce, convenience groceries, newspapers, magazines, laundry etc., also include products that can be ordered prior to the delivery days. (you might want to get these paid for at time of ordering)
Is there a railway station in the area? If so this could be a regular stop for the commuters returning home.
Local school or college, same again it could be a regular stop.
If this looks like it may compliment your existing business give it a go, but do the research and ask the consumer before committing, you don’t need a big van to start with and if the idea works get your logo on the vehicle as well.

In my convenience store days we operated a delivery service in liason with help the aged and a local care company and we delivered to housebound, elderly and infirm this service really made a difference to these folk.

No reason why the same idea should not work with a few refinements. Let me know if you give it a try.

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