Social Media and Empowerment!

Jodie Guttrich, Sprowston Manor - A Marriott Hotel and Country Club

I ran across this blog while preparing a more active customer service training for our associates, called "WOW" training.  We have held six sessions since the beginning of the year, with 95% of our associates attending.  What I like about it is the fresh approach to customer service.  It references using social media to get close to your customers, for positive and critical comments.  We as a company have gone from blocking social media sites on our company network to launching our own Twitter and Facebooks sites, encouraging our associates at work to go on and read what our customers are saying.  This has been a real eye opener and in real time.  This has also helped us to realize how powerful empowerment is on retention. We have increased our focus on this and the results are showing! 

To Win Customers, Get Out of the Way, Charles Nardello, SVP of Operations at Hawaiian Airlines


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