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B Brown, Green Farm Coffee

Barista Training, why it's important...

Here at Green Farm Coffee, we get a lot of people through our doors just starting up a coffee business, be it a cafe, mobile coffee shop or catering. 
More and more people are lacking the important barista skills that are essential to success in the market. 
You can offer all the trendy new fads, and the latest fair trade, green, eco-friendly and all around good to the planet coffee but if your barista skills are not up to scratch then you'll be shooting yourself in the foot every time you hand over a barely there latte or overpowering mocha.

We run a full barista program here at Green Farm Coffee, to ensure that everyone understands not only the importance of good barista skills but also where coffee comes from and the roasting process.
Through our time of being a base for barista training in Norwich, we have discovered also that even well-established businesses need a refresh and hone in on their skills.

Fully trained and confident baristas ensure the smooth running of the establishment and can transform customers visit from an everyday one to something special. 
Every cup of coffee is important, it's what we stand by. Having your staff take this feeling on board too and really put their soul into coffee.
If you have a friendly good barista experience you are more likely to return there for your daily coffee.

You may be completely underutilizing your staffs' skills, and improving the quality of your drinks will ensure your ingredients work a lot harder too towards success.

 Long queues with well-trained baristas will not phase them, as they will have the confidence behind them to whizz through each drink and still produce the best quality.

Training on the traditional espresso machine staff use daily can easily be done, or we invite you into our HQ where you can also see the roasting process. Adding another level of knowledge to your skills.


Our training includes everything from coffee production, espresso styles, milk texturing, latte art and troubleshooting.


You may have seen our work with The Feed in Norwich, an amazing charity who help vulnerable people gain skills and training in the food industry and help them get back into work, houses and better lifestyles.

We have been working with them to offer trainees days at our head office to learn about coffee, how to be a barista and tonnes of skills they can take away with them for future employment.
Our training is always well received, and we have a fantastic time delivering and giving them the resources they need to succeed in their next steps in training.


Skills and training is so important, this could help yourself and your business stand out from the crowd of coffee shops.

Offering perfect and skilled barista coffee each and every time.


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